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About Completely LEGOLAND Windsor

I have been a firm 'fan' of LEGOLAND Windsor ever since my first visit, with school, in 1997. Since then, I have visited the park well over 100 times, and have held an annual pass for many, many years.

I love the park, and so towards the beginning of 2008 I decided that LEGOLAND Windsor needed a fan's unofficial website, akin to, say, Total Thorpe Park (which, incidentally, is excellent).

So, in March 2008, I started work. I had no knowledge whatsoever of web design, and my first draft was appalling. I quite like the design I ended up with, though I'm sure the coding back then would have make anyone with a knowledge of web design throw up. Ah well, it worked...

I worked very slowly, finishing a page now and then as my free time permitted. Towards September 2008, I somewhat lost interest, and ceased working on the site altogether. However, I had promised myself that I would complete the site by the start of the 2009 opening season, and so come the beginning of March 2009 (one whole year after starting), I made an out-and-out effort to finish.

In the process of bring the website up to a publishable standard, some sections have been temporarily put 'on hold' and others have been dropped altogether. However, I sincerely hope that visitors to this, my first and probably only website, like it, and find it useful.

If you do like this site, please drop me a note - it will make all my effort worthwhile :).