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Atlantis Submarine Voyage

Atlantis Submarine

New for 2011, a World-First ride at LEGOLAND Windsor! Climb aboard a LEGO submarine, and prepare to dive to the bottom of the ocean where you will interact with fishes, sharks and rays galore! A fantastic, one-of-a-kind attraction which brings together LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE and an innovative new ride system in one fantastic attraction.

What is it?

  • A SEA LIFE centre containing a Mack suspended part-submerged transit system which travels through a 1 million litre ocean tank (in other words, a submarine ride through a massive aquarium!)
  • Opened 20th May 2011
  • Eight submarines, 14 guests per submarine
  • Q-Bot reservations available (at an additional cost)
Inside one of the subs

What does it do?

Once you enter the station area, you must quickly board your submarine before departing into the depths of the ocean. As you depart, bubbles swirl across the portholes, and suddenly you can see underwater!

Watch as fish, rays and sharks swim all around your vessel, and be prepared for some funny goings on with the on-board computer - you may need to help save the mission!

On your return to terra-firma, take a look at some smaller fish on display, and have a go at allowing shrimps to clear the dead skin off your fingers!

The viewing windows


  • Guests under 1.3m tall must be accompanied by an adult


For an in-depth review, take a look at CLLW's Opening Day Trip Report. However, overall, Atlantis Submarine Voyage is clearly a massive success! The theming is great, the concept (though it could be tweaked a little) is excellent, and the ride hardware is excellent. What more could you ask for? No queues for LEGOLAND's newest ride, I hear you cry? Well, you’re not going to be queuing for long. You’re really not going to be queuing for long. This thing is a people-muncher and then some, with a theoretical maximum throughput of just over 1400!

A truly excellent addition to the park, and indeed the best addition to LEGOLAND Windsor's line up in a long time!

Atlantis Submarine

More pictures coming soon!