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Jungle Coaster (Retired)

Jungle Coaster. Picture © One Click Photography Co. Used with permission.

For six years, LEGOLAND Windsor had three roller coasters: the Dragon and Dragon's Apprentice over in Knights' Kingdom, and this, the Jungle Coaster. Unfortunately, the Jungle Coaster has now been dismantled, and the site is now home to the LEGOLAND Hotel.

The Jungle Coaster was a MACK Wild Mouse Roller Coaster, themed around LEGO TECHNIC that opened in time for the 2004 season. It had a minimum height restriction of 1.1m, with guests under 1.3m having to be accompanied by an adult. It created Adventure Land, and opened up the area behind the now named Adventure Land Lake. For the first four years of it's life, the Jungle Coaster was great - a really fun ride, consisting of a large drop, a number of tight hairpin bends at quite a height, and sudden stops. All in all, it was a decent wild mouse coaster.

However, that all changed in time for the 2008 season. Local residents, having lived with the coaster now for four years, put their collective feet down and complained so much about noise pollution from the ride, that LEGOLAND Windsor pretty much had their hands tied - they had to do something. Unfortunately, the 'something' they chose to do killed off the ride.

The coaster cars had pull-down roofs and sides installed, meaning that guests were completely enclosed in what could be described as a golf buggy for the duration of the ride. This new design look had a number of large drawbacks: firstly, it slowed down what was already a fairly slow loading and unloading procedure, which increased already-long queue times; secondly, the enclosed car lessened the thrill of the main drop by quite a bit - riders suddenly felt a whole lot safer, which isn't necessarily a good thing on a roller coaster; finally, the extra weight on the cars made the overall ride experience more jerky and 'violent'. This extra weight also forced a new restriction to be created: a maximum of two 'adults' (with anyone over 1.4m in height being considered an adult) were allowed per car, who must both sit in the back. This slowed down the loading time considerably, resulting in queues regularly over one hour in length. It also often resulted in family groups being split, which in a family park isn't great.

Overall, this modification made the ride one of the least reliable in the park, as well as giving it one of the worse throughputs.

All these factors eventually lead to the demise of the Jungle Coaster, and it was removed during the 2009-2010 closed season, with deconstruction starting on Tuesday 26th January. In removing the ride, the management predicted that park guests would actually experience more rides per day!

One of the new cars on the Jungle Coaster, as seen through trees...

Completely LEGOLAND Windsor would like to thank One Click Photography Co. for kindly allowing the top photograph to be reproduced on this website.