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Creation Centre

The Creation Centre

Opened during the Christmas season of 2000, the Creation Centre is something like an exhibition centre, and quite an interesting one at that. Inside are a number of displays, including:

  • A display showing how LEGO Bricks are made
  • A lifesize LEGO mock-up of a Boeing aircraft cockpit
  • The Crown Jewls, made of LEGO
  • A Wall of Fame, containing images of celebrities made entirely of LEGO

Perhaps the most interesting section, however, is the model makers workshop. Hidden behind a glass wall, this is a fully operational workshop in which LEGOLAND's model makers construct many of the models used around the park. If you're lucky enough to visit whilst they're working, it can be quite interesting watching them glue each little piece together. This attraction is definitely well worth a visit.

The Wall of Fame inside the Creation Centre

Creation Centre