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Rides & Attractions

Welcome to 'Rides & Attractions'. This is by far the largest section of Completely LEGOLAND Windsor, covering every ride, attraction and outlet in the park. Visiting LEGOLAND Windsor soon? Never been before? Haven't a clue where you'll want to go, what you'll want to do, or what you'll want to see? You're in the right place.

Like most theme parks, LEGOLAND Windsor is split into a number of different areas, each with it's own theme. These range from action and adventure in Adventure Land, to creative learning and playing in the Imagination Centre, to pirates and treasure in the Wild Woods.

To the right you can see a list of eleven links - one for each of the areas in the park. The pages to which these link contain a whole load of information on what you can find in each area, what rides there are, as well as information on shops and eateries - perfect for people planning a day out at LEGOLAND Windsor.

Down at the bottom of that column are two further links: 'The A to Z of LEGOLAND Windsor' contains a list of every ride, attraction and shop in the park, including former names and those that are now 'retired'. Speaking of Retired Attractions, a list of these constitutes the final link in the column.

So, what're you waiting for? Dive in!

Easter Island Statues