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30th January 2010

Scarab Bouncers

Scarab Bouncers

Located in the tent structure, Scarab Bouncers is LEGOLAND Windsor's second new ride for the 2009 season. Aimed at young children, it's a lot of fun.

What is it?

  • Two S&S Power Frog Hoppers
  • Opened 20th March 2009
  • 7 guests per tower (of which there are two), though only 1 in the 7 can be an adult

What does it do?

After being winched to the top, riders gently bounce downwards, before being winched back up to the top and dropped again; this cycle repeats a few times.


  • Guests must be a minimum of 0.9m tall to ride
  • Upper and/or lower body control is needed
  • Not recommended for guests with: back or neck complaints; heart conditions; high blood pressure; broken limbs; pregnant guests.


This ride is much gentler than it appears, and the sensation of bouncing is actually quite pleasant (and doesn't go on long enough for it to become nauseous). One word of warning: I'm not the thinnest of individuals, and with this fact the ride operators found it tricky lowering the lap bar with me seated. Sadly, however enjoyable, this is one ride I won't be riding again.