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The Amazing Mazes (Retired)

The Amazing Mazes - Demolished

The Amazing Mazes were a part of the park since it's opening in March 1996. The attraction consisted of three mazes:

  • The Celtic Maze

    A Celtic-themed maze with walls made of wattle and daub, as well as a few hidden percussive instruments. At the end of 2004, for no clearly apparent reason, the maze was gutted, and a path created straight through the middle.
  • The Tudor Maze

    A Tudor-themed hedge maze, with LEGO models of kings and queens. To enter this maze, guests had to pass through a water fall, which would be diverted to the sides of the path when guests stepped on to the drawbridge. In the centre of the maze was an elevated gazebo structure, which offered good views of the rest of the park. This still exists, but Vikings' River Splash now obscures most views that once existed. At the end of 2006 the maze was closed, and re-themed as Loki's Labyrinth, but being in the centre of a construction site it remained closed until the opening of Land of the Vikings in late 2007.
  • The Nautical Maze

    A maze themed around the ocean and traveling. Walls were made of brightly coloured wood, and were decorated with the odd piece of rope netting or chain. There were originally fountains that spanned certain sections of the path, randomly blocking certain routes, but (presumably down to a lack of reliability, or health and safety, or more likely both) these were eventually bricked over. At the end of 2006, the maze was demolished to make way for Vikings' River Splash.