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27th February 2011



L-Drivers is the same as the Driving School, but with smaller cars, a smaller road system, and smaller people!

Aimed at three to five year-olds who aren't yet old enough to drive in the Driving School, L-Drivers provides a smaller system for them to practice on.

What is it?

  • Miniature electric cars which can be driven around a looped circuit.
  • Opened March 1996
  • 1 guest per car

What do you do?

Children are taught what to do by the attendant (who is guaranteed to be really cheery and extrovert), and are then taken to their cars. Until and including this point, they can be escorted by their parents, who are subsequently taken out of the area perhaps for their own safety more than anything! As in the full-sized version, children receive their LEGOLAND Windsor Driving License on completion of the 'lesson'.


  • Guests must be between the ages of 3 and 5
  • Upper and lower body control is needed. Guests must be able to sit upright without assistance.
  • Not recommended for guests with: back or neck complaints; heart conditions; high blood pressure; broken limbs.


It's great that, unable to accommodate the under 6's in the main Driving School, LEGOLAND Windsor decided to build a dedicated Driving School for them. Definitely a must for those desperate, but unable to, drive in the main attraction. Now, where's the equivalent for over 13's !?!

Want to create your own Driving School?

Be sure to check out our Downloads Page, where you can find a Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 recreation of LEGOLAND's famous ride!