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Welcome to the downloads page! Over time, you can expect a variety of pictures and other media to be made available for download here. First off, however, is a Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 recreation of LEGOLAND's famous Driving School!

RCT 3 Driving School by Nightfall - Version 2

CLICK ME! LEGOLAND's Driving School
is now available here on CLLW, recreated in RCT3!

Driving School is a staple of all LEGOLAND parks, and now you can simulate your own Driving School in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3!

CLICK ME! An example of a basic Driving School set-up

Build your own Driving School with this all-new RCT3 recreation, created by Nightfall and recently updated, which contains an exclusive Custom Track Ride and interchangeable road pieces.

Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge!

Important: This set uses Revolutionary Rides Invisible Track, which can be found here. Before installing the LEGOLAND Driving School, you must have the Invisible Track installed.

Click Here to Download V2

Basic Driving School Set