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Tips on Rides and Attractions

As LEGOLAND Windsor is such a popular theme park, nine times out of ten you're gonna have to queue to ride. There's no way around that. There are, however, ways to shorten and minimise your queue time...

  • Timing - The best and most important tip of all: do the park back-to-front! At the beginning of the day, head straight down to Wild Woods and do Pirate Falls. Then head along to Knights' Kingdom and have a ride on the Dragon. Following this, head back to Adventure Land and have a go on the Wave Surfer... you get the idea. Most guests will ride rides as they see them - they'll work from the top of the park down. By making a beeline to the bottom of the park, you'll be working in the opposite direction to the majority, and as such will always miss the very worse queues! Also bear in mind that queue lines are at their quietest at the beginning and end of the day, and at lunch.
  • Q-Bot - Queue virtually! Take a look at the Q-Bot page to find out more.
  • Closing Time - Bear in mind that in most (but not all) cases, the park closing time is actually the time when the queues are closed. This means that if you are already queuing, you will still be able to ride. The Jungle Coaster is a very definite exception to this rule.
  • Parent Swap - Parents of children who don't meet height restrictions can take it in turn riding with taller kids without having to queue again. Talk to the operators of specific rides to find out more.
  • Getting Wet - Be aware that on some rides you will get wet, very wet! There are full-body dryers available near these rides, but they don't always work, so think about whether you want to get soaking wet or not (Extreme Team Challenge is the worse offender here!)