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Buzz Off Watchdog! LEGOLAND's Wasp Problem Makes it to TV

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Due to a number of factors, the UK's wasp population has this year boomed, and theme parks with their sweet, sticky treats, multitude of bushes and trees to build nests in, and tonnes of rubbish to scavenge from are a favourite dwelling of these stingy little critters. All four Merlin Entertainments parks have been hit with the same problem, and all four have tried to combat it. According to the BBC's Watchdog, however, LEGOLAND has been trailing behind.

Now, it is unfortunately arguable that out of the UK Merlin Parks, LEGOLAND have been the least successful at keeping the number of wasps down to a minimum (whatever Anne Robinson seems to want, it's clearly impossible to eradicate them entirely...). The fact that this report found three nests within the space of 20-odd minutes is inexcusable, and the park really does seem to have far fewer traps than, say, Alton Towers.

Having said that, this report is a joke. LEGOLAND Windsor is not the only attraction in the UK to suffer from an influx of stinging beasts, and nor is it sitting on it's laurels doing nothing about it. Sue Kemp, general manager for the park, tried to assure the programme that actions were being taken, but Anne Robinson was having none of it. One almost felt sorry for her as she tried to apologise for any shortfalls, but was barely able to.

It is true that LEGOLAND Windsor has had a large problem with wasps this summer season, however this report treats the park unfairly, and it is a credit to general manager Sue Kemp that she managed to keep her calm during her interview.

Here's hoping that this rather unpleasant media attention cements the park's plans to vastly ramp-up their wasp-eradication programme next year!

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Posted on 09 Sep 2010 by Mark
by Adam @ 10 Sep 2010, 12:41
Whilst I have experienced wasps myself and they are not great, they can't check every location, wasps like food and drink locations naturally and they do have wasp catching devices in many locations. It would have been more productive for any guests that have a problem to report them.

Putting the details on the website is pointless, as wasps are in every location and common sense would suggest they would be at Legoland.
by Charlie @ 11 Sep 2010, 11:38
This is yet anoyther example of idiocy in common guests.It is VERY clearly signposted. Even BEFORE the park was on TV. It's pig ignorance, I have never seen so many of the same sign in my life.

If you are silly enough to go around with those leaky bottles. ice creams and tubs of popcorn, You're bound to attract them.

Granted, the park should have far more indoor outlets, it's disgraceful that bar about 3 restarunts, every one is outside. But if you don't want to be attacked, EAT IN THE INSIDE RESTRAUNTS!!!

There are ways that legoland can be smarter but there are also ways that guests can be smarter too, Use common sense and realise that buying sticky sweets, fizzy drinks, popcorn and ice cream are going to bring them straight to you.
by Me @ 27 Jun 2011, 17:13
angry I Hate You Wasps!
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