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Dino Dipper Becomes Knights' Quest

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The Dino Dipper

Opened for the start of the 2005, the Dino Dipper completed Adventure Land, and in doing so completed the path around the lake to Traffic. It was popular for five years, but at the start of September 2010 we reported that, along with Dino Safari, Dino Dipper was to close whilst construction on Atlantis Submarine Voyage took place. Dino Safari is due to re-open later this year, however Dino Safari was dismantled, as it's land was due to be built on.

A recent planning application has confirmed that Dino Dipper is due to be re-assembled in a new location, in front of Dragon's Apprentice in Knights' Kingdom.

CLICK ME! The approximate new location and size of the relocated Dino Dipper

Along with the move, Dino Dipper will be renamed Knights' Quest, and hopefully it will receive a retheme as well. It is currently unknown whether the park aim to have the ride ready and open for the new season.

Although it is a shame that it has been placed in a position such that it will largely obscure Dragon's Apprentice, as seen in the plan below, it's great that the ride has not simple been sold on, but rather retained and rethemed by the park.

CLICK ME! The view of Dragon's Apprentice

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Posted on 12 Mar 2011 by Mark
by Ambo100 @ 12 Mar 2011, 22:04
I loved this ride, I glad they're keeping it.
by Legoland matt @ 14 Mar 2011, 19:36
I cant wait to see this ride in it's new location. I hope it doesn't look crammed in n ear the Dragon and the effort the modemakers put in is just as good as it was in adventureland. smile
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