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Digger Challenge

Digger Challenge

Situated in the area behind the now-demolished Cola-Fountain is the JCB Digger Challenge. Kinda like Driving School but for diggers, this is an enjoyable ride for younger guests.

What is it?

  • Mock JCB Diggers
  • Opened 25th March 2006
  • 12 'Diggers', one guest per machine

What does it do?

After queuing, guests watch a shot video teaching them how to use the diggers. They then take a seat behind the controls of one of the 12 machines, and attempt to transfer as many black balls as possible into small containers.


  • Must be a minimum of 3 years old
  • Guests under 5 years must be accompanied by an adult


The queues tend to be quite long for Digger Challenge. For older guests it's definitely not worth the wait, but this attraction appears to have been aimed at a younger audience, and they certainly seem to enjoy it.