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11th April 2010

Land of the Vikings

Land of the Vikings

Land of the Vikings lies to the side of LEGOLAND Windsor, with The Beginning above it, Miniland, Traffic, Kingdom of the Pharaohs and LEGO City to the right of it, and Pirates Landing below it. The land opened (after severe delays in construction) in August 2007, resulting in an increase of the park's capacity by 15%.

Land of the Vikings has a clear Nordic theme, and Viking music is played through the area's audio system. The main ride in the area is Vikings' River Splash, a river-rapids ride that snakes it's way along the hillside, around Loki's Labyrinth and past the Hill Train. Just below Loki's Labyrinth is the Longboat Invader, a smaller ride that was added for the 2008 season. Finally, there is the Spinning Spider, once considered part of the Wild Woods (the previous name for Pirates Landing), but now assimilated by Land of the Vikings.

There are three entrances to Land of the Vikings: from the bottom, past the Spinning Spider; from the side, through the waterfall that used to be the exit for the no-longer existant Amazing Mazes; and from the top, along a path past the Creation Centre (that, incidently, was completed at least a month after the rest of the land).

Originally in 2007 a veritable building site, with a very 'unfinished' feel, Land of the Vikings has now settled in, and is home to some great attractions!