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19th March 2011

Longboat Invader

Longboat Invader

Longboat Invader is the second of the two new rides installed in Land of the Vikings. Like Vikings' River Splash, it was originally benchmarked to open along with the rest of Land of the Vikings in April 2007. However, not only was it delayed as long as VRS was, it was further delayed until the beginning of the 2008 season. Surprising, considering that when Land of the Vikings opened, the concrete plinth was ready-poured, the queue-line was in place, and the necessary electrical services appeared to be present. It appeared that all that remained was for the ride to be 'dropped' into place, but there you go.

What is it?

  • A Zamperla Rockin' Tug.
  • Opened 14th March 2008
  • Originally due to open ~April 2007, but delayed.
  • 24 guests per run

What does it do?

Once you take a seat, and the attendant has checked the lap bars, the safety barriers are lowered, and the boat starts to roll back and forth across the track. After achieving a certain height, the boat next starts rotating around its central axis in one direction for a while, and then in the opposite direction. After approximately two minutes, the ride slows to a stop, the barriers are raised, and the attendant comes to manually release the lap bars.


  • Must be a minimum of 0.9m tall to ride
  • Guests under 1.3m tall must be accompanied by an adult
  • Upper and/or lower body control is needed
  • Maximum eight adults per ride
  • Not recommended for guests with: back or neck complaints; heart conditions; high blood pressure; broken limbs; pregnant guests.


If the queue is not too long, definitely give it a shot. If the queue is fairly long, however, it might be worth giving it a miss. It's not amazing, though having said that it is certainly a ride you should try once.

Longboat Invader