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Muscle Maker & Bum Shaker (Retired)

This picnic area used to be
the site of the Bum Shaker, but now it contains the Jolly Rocker

Once two small rides ideal for younger kids, the Muscle Maker and Bum Shaker are no more, and the land they once stood on is now occupied by the Jolly Rocker.

The Muscle Maker was a small railway with self-propelled cars. Children would sit one to a car, and by pulling a central lever back and forth slowly make their way around the track. This wasn't particularly easy, hence the name! The attraction was closed at the end of the 2003 season, and a set of remote controlled trucks were installed in the area. These lasted until the end of 2009, when they were removed to make way for the queueline of the Jolly Rocker.

The Bum Shaker was a small racing circuit with cobbled, ridged and downhill sections. Children would race around this in small trikes. The varying surface made for quite a bumpy ride, thus giving this attraction its name. This attraction closed at the end of the 2000 season, and the land it occupied used as a picnic area. It is now home to the Jolly Rocker itself.