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External Links

Here you'll find a list of external links (surprise surprise) to websites which I feel are useful for one reason or another:

Official Websites

Other Good Websites

  • Total Thorpe Park - A very good website dedicated to Thorpe Park - to an extent, it was Total Thorpe Park that inspired me to create something similar for LEGOLAND Windsor.
  • TowersTimes - The internet's number one in-depth guide to Merlin's flagship attraction: the Alton Towers Resort.
  • The Alton Towers Guide - Another good site dedicated to the Alton Towers Resort.
  • Chessington Buzz - A brand-new and extremely promising-looking site dedicated to Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Merlin's second South-UK family park!
  • Surviving LEGOLAND Windsor - Another great LEGOLAND Windsor fan site, created by a guy who knows LEGOLAND almost as well as me. Almost :P
  • Screamscape - A great resource for the latest theme park news across the world.
  • Airgates - A great source for UK theme park and visitor attraction news.
  • Theme Park Tourist - Another great theme park news resource, but being UK-based, TPT is a fantastic place to check out all UK theme park news.
  • Ultimate Rollercoaster - A site full-to-bursting with info on roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides
  • CoasterForce - A thriving roller coaster and theme park enthusiast community


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