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13th March 2012

Balloon School

Balloon School

This is not your usual attraction. Locked in your gondola, you are lifted a short distance into the air, which can then be increased by pulling on the rope. Once you are at the top, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the views of the park.

A surprisingly tranquil and relaxing ride!

What is it?

  • Six gondolas attached to hydraulic arms which can be raised at the riders command
  • Built by WGH Transportation Engineering
  • Opened April 1999
  • 4 guests per gondola
  • Q-Bot reservations available

What does it do?

After your safety bar has been checked, you are lifted into the air. You then start to rotate around the central column, slowly and gently. Pulling on the rope increases your height, let go and you'll gently float down.


  • Guests under 1.3m tall must be accompanied by an adult


Calming, tranquil, peaceful. Good views of the park as well!